It’s been said that “art is the universal language.” In all its many unique forms, art compels people to interact and contemplate deeper meaning. To share perspective and insights into interpreting life.

Dunhill Partners is deeply committed to supporting the arts and recognizing emerging artists. Believing that real estate should reflect more than building structures, but accentuate the integrity of the property and create an environment where people feel a sense of wonderment and inspiration.

By sculptor Idan Zaresky, Calmont, France
Heart of the Design District Statue
By sculptor Andrew Meyers, Laguna Beach, California
“Amor Vincit Omnia” (“love conquers all”) Virgin Hotel Mural
By artist, Drew Merritt
Onah Seated
By sculptor Julian Voss – Andreae, Portland, Oregon
Moonship 1
Aluminum rocket sculpture, created by Kenneth Crane located at the entrance of Virgin Hotel in the Dallas Design District