Dunhill Partners Investments

Dunhill Partners Investment Sales is a team that offers expert advisory, valuation, negotiation, due diligence management and acquisition / disposition services. The firm strives to create maximum value for clients in every transaction through a synchronized marketing approach that brings clients to the market – and buyers to the opportunity – with efficiency, speed, and execution that helps investors preserve and grow their wealth. Dunhill Partners focuses on well-located retail shopping centers, with a focus towards necessity-based services like grocery and pharmacy services, in stable markets with population and job growth.

With decades of experience, Dunhill brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each transaction. Additionally, the firm enhances investor returns by securing the lowest cost, opportunistic, third party financing from many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated financial institutions.

Dunhill Partners Investment Process

Dunhill Partners has a unique investment structure that allows small investors to access larger, institutional caliber properties. The company is committed to tax aware investing and uses techniques such as accelerated depreciation to help offset investor tax obligations, whenever possible.

Property Management

Dunhill Partners Management Services currently oversees 5 million square feet of retail properties in the Central and Western Regions of the Unites States. They have experienced management teams who use a holistic approach to drive real estate value and performance. Each property in the Dunhill portfolio has its own unique identity and design, and the company merges the passion and lifestyle of the community to create value. By utilizing state-of-the-art software systems for the management of our assets Dunhill provides customized reporting for clients.

Aligned with the unique, synergistic culture shared with the rest of the company, Dunhill’s management team benefits from a leveraged knowledge platform of retailer and landlord activity to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing market.

Our integrated teams of property managers, engineers and accountants work together to minimize costs, maintain strong tenant relationships, and create positive workplace experiences. With a “boots-on-the-ground” focus on customer service, Dunhill caters to the diverse needs of each tenant base resulting in low turnover rates and a stable property.

For more information contact our management team at: propertymanagement@dunhillpartners.com


The Dunhill Difference

See before and after improvements by Dunhill Partners after purchasing the Dallas Design District

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“The very best investors don’t even try to forecast the future. Rather, they seize such opportunities as the present affords them”

- James Grant


Dunhill Partners has an experienced team of retail leasing professionals that provide innovative marketing strategies to promote our properties and attract tenants. Being property owners, they have a strong owner-operator mindset and a focus on creating value and establishing long-lasting relationships with tenants. Dunhill has cultivated a wide network of tenants, including both national credit retailers and local businesses. By remaining on top of market trends, combined with extensive tenant interaction, our leasing team ensures they maximize each property’s full potential.

For more information contact our leasing team at: leasing@dunhillpartners.com

“The single biggest mistake investors make is they invest looking in the rearview mirror not through the windshield.”

- Whitney Tilson